What is Creative Dance anyway?

Creative Dance is not a dance style. It is a METHOD of creating dance using ANY dance style, or even a mixture of styles. You can use dance moves you already know or you can make up your own moves. The best thing about Creative Dance is that you can share your ideas and your moves with others. You don't have to perform, but groups often want to perform once they have created a dance piece that they like!

Danceabout classes always begin with a warm up to strengthen, loosen and stretch your body. You will also learn exercise to improve balance, co-ordination and memory. Dance movements will take place on the spot, in a circle or in rows depending on the activity. We also practice moving through space in different ways like jumping, turning, and walking combined with other some new dance moves.

After that you will usually learn a short dance sequence. Dance sequences are added to over a period of time so that a longer dance is created. Often this will be in Contemporary style using whole body movements as well as isolated arm/leg gestures. Every group is unique so the style of dance will vary depending on the participant's interests.
Then the best part!
We will always work together and the group members will be guided to create dances using a variety of dance styles including both popular styles and partner work as well as traditional dances. Your dance teacher will offer suggestions and listen to your ideas so that the final dance is something everybody is happy with. Everybody will have ideas that can be added in, and if you would rather just learn moves from others, that's fine too!
From the youngest to the oldest, all participants will have a favourite move they want to add in and all ability levels are catered for.  For instance, it is not unusual to have one dancer balancing on his head whilst another is posing on a chair.
Not everyone wants to perform for a big audience, so performances are not compulsory, but most groups like to show off their new moves to somebody and once the performing bug hits it just has to be nurtured, even if it is just an open class for friends or family. End of term sharing events are quite common but not required unless the group wishes it.
For ALL creative dance classes, the social aspect is as important as the dance itself. It is an ideal way to meet new people and most groups have at least one dance outing a year to celebrate this. Seeing professional dance productions also acts as an inspiration and motivates groups to try new styles and ideas.

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